Is it back to Collegiate Events time yet?

Rollins Inauguration2016

School just got out for the summer, but big collegiate events take months to plan and that’s exactly what we are gearing up for here at Get Lit Productions.

When most people think of event planning, their minds don’t go to Collegiate events. But these events are often as large, if not larger than most conventions.

The University of Central Florida has over 60,000 students.

Imagine what homecoming is like at a school with over 60,000 students.

While there are certainly lots of moving parts and pieces to an event like this, lighting is definitely at the forefront.

It takes careful planning to light a huge space filled with people— planning that should definitely happen alongside experts.

Here are some of the preliminary questions we ask before we even set foot on the property so that we know what we are walking into…

  • How many attendees are expected?
  • How large is the space?
  • Is it indoors or outdoors?
  • If it’s outdoors, are there any barriers?
  • What is the seating or standing arrangement?
  • Is there special decor? Centerpieces? Banners?
  • Will there be a stage?
  • Will there be dancing?

These questions tell us so much about the scale of the event and how light will need to be used functionally.  Once we understand how light needs to be used functionally, we get to start to play with how we can use light for show.

If it’s time for you start planning back to school collegiate events, we’re here for you. Click on over and contact us.


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