Bella Collina

Bella Collina

Bella Collina

When it comes to lighting Bella Collina, we would like to think we are masters!

It is the place we are at most throughout the year and we love all the areas that make up Bella Collina. We have many unique lighting options that work well outside on the Grand Lawn, Reflection Pool, ballroom patio, and in the ballroom. A few of the lighting elements work great outside are Market Lights, Chandeliers, Paper Lanterns, String Light Canopies, and ground textured lighting.

A must have if you plan on hosting your wedding there; a rain contingency lighting plan is created if in the unfortunate event that it rains.  So please ask what we can do for you in case it would rain on you special day.

The grand lawn has a beautiful view and the size allows for large events. In the image below we changed it up a bit and said no to the traditional Market Lights and opted for Textures, down lighting, pin spot lighting, and a wrought iron chandelier for the Chuppah.

Bella Collina Grand Lawn lighting

In the Wedding below we used a more traditional lighting design and used Market Lights, a monogram on the building, and a cake spot to highlight it and give a “glow”.

Bella Collina Grand Lawn with Market Lights

Here are a few images of our various market light layout options  such as the Asterisk, the Emerald Cut, the Parallelism, and the North Star as well as  the String Lights Canopy. To see our market light layout options click HERE!

Bella Collina Market Light Layout Options

The Reflection pool is another nice area. We typically use Market Lights for the space and we also have specialty lighting options such as LED Floating Orbs to give the pool a little something extra. If you would like, we can also add your custom monogram to project on the ground or in the water.

Bella Collina Reflection Pool

The newest space at Bella Collina is their ballroom. It has wonderful views and a fantastic patio that is perfect for Market lights. The high ceilings lend well to doing Textured lighting and the wall are a shade that take on color very nicely. The ceiling is a dropped ceiling which works perfectly with our LED Pin Spots which are magnetically attached. It allows us to use our pin spots in the most optimum way and provide your table centerpieces with the perfect light!

Bella Collina Ballroom

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