How do you decide what lights to use for a wedding or event?

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Just like with any other company, we all have different areas of specialty here at Get Lit Productions. I’m the writer of the bunch — I make sure that we are connected and communications, on our blog, on Facebook, on Pinterest.

And I have learned a lot about lighting and how revolutionary it is for events in the process of managing our communications.

But sometimes, I need more information. And when I do, our Special Events Coordinator Deanna, is my go to.

This week I sat down with Deanna to get the whole scoop on our customized lighting packages. Customized Package is kind of an oxymoron. But once I talked to Deanna about what our clients need and how we handle it, the way we serve our clients and create amazing lighting for weddings and special events became much clearer.

Here’s what she had to say:


When a Client contacts us about getting an estimate we have a minimum amount of information we need:


Where are they having the event? Outdoors or indoors? Tent or no tent? How big is the space (square feet)?    We need to be sure that we aren’t selling them lights that they don’t need or can’t have based on the venue. Certain venues won’t allow us to anchor anything to the grounds, if we’re inside we need to make sure we have enough weights to keep the lights upright.

SAFETY is our #1 concern.  We want to make sure it looks amazing and that no one will be hurt because we just threw up lights without planning it out.  We also want to make sure that we are giving them enough light to light the space well. Each venue is different and has different measurements and challenges.

If you don’t get someone that does custom orders like us, you run into the problem of there either not being enough light so people can’t see (or it just looks terrible) or there’s something that they don’t think about that causes problems. For example, not enough power outlets, or too many lighting elements on a socket and it blows the fuse… you can imagine the issues that would cause.

What THEY want the FEEL of their event to be: 

All of our clients have a set image in their mind of what they want it to look like.  Lighting is the best way to achieve the mood desired.

Do they want Fairytale? Then we go with brighter, richer colors, probably some crystal chandeliers, textures, unique lights that will give the ambiance an other-worldly feel. 

Do they want Rustic romantic? Then Market lights, Edison Bulb structures, Maybe Candles or Lanterns hanging from trees or the ceiling. 

If they also want chandeliers, then there are some wrought iron and crystal chandeliers or glass ones that would fit.  The clients tell us the theme and the vision they have in their mind and we tell them how we can achieve it.

We usually send them example photos from past events that are similar or have the lighting elements we suggest so that way they get an idea in their mind of how it will look.  We discuss colors, how many tables will be there, buffet or plate service, floral centerpieces or other, and every other little detail.

Once we have a visual in our minds of what our clients want then we put together a quote with every element that they would need to make their dream a reality. 

From there we tweak the design (take something away here, add this there….) Until we can achieve the look they want but still in a budget that works for them.

She makes it all seem so simple, right?

Because it is—if you work with her!

Creative Wedding Themes

You don’t usually think of wedding or event lighting as the most creative park of the package. But it is!

One of the things we love about being immersed in the industry of weddings and special events is the way that creativity shows up in this industry. We so often associate creativity with artists — painters, musicians, designers. But event planning from the overarching theme to the tiny details is an art form all on its own. And in a culture that is becoming increasingly desensitized to “wow” factors, we, as event professionals, have been challenged to take our creativity to another level.

We always have our eyes—and our browsers— open to the creativity of other. Here’s what we found this month that really struck our fancy.

From The Knot —a DIY flower station

“Let guests know that it’s not just the wedding party that’s special to you (it’s everyone!) by letting each one stand out with their own corsage or boutonniere. Ask your florist about setting up a make-your-own-flower station: Put out some sturdy blooms like spray roses or mums, supply lots of colorful ribbons and pins, and add labels with easy-to-follow instructions.”

From — Wedding Invitations that make you say WOW.

We see a lot of wedding invitations. You probably have received a lot of wedding invitations. And you usually throw them away once the wedding has passed. Not these, though. These are some of the most creative invitations we’ve seen to date. The only thing missing is the follow up post where we get to see how creative the wedding ceremony and reception are. Because, honestly, with invitations this great, it had to have been quite the party.

From the Wedding Party App — DIY Aisle Runner


Definitely saved the best for last here.

We found this on the Wedding Party App courtesy of This Modern Romance and we are OBSESSED. Not only did they do a beautiful job with the runner itself, but the way they showcased it with the chandelier lighting it to die for.

We can’t handle how gorgeous this.

We are now seeking a bride and groom who want to make their own amazing version of this happen, stat!


Is it back to Collegiate Events time yet?

Rollins Inauguration2016

School just got out for the summer, but big collegiate events take months to plan and that’s exactly what we are gearing up for here at Get Lit Productions.

When most people think of event planning, their minds don’t go to Collegiate events. But these events are often as large, if not larger than most conventions.

The University of Central Florida has over 60,000 students.

Imagine what homecoming is like at a school with over 60,000 students.

While there are certainly lots of moving parts and pieces to an event like this, lighting is definitely at the forefront.

It takes careful planning to light a huge space filled with people— planning that should definitely happen alongside experts.

Here are some of the preliminary questions we ask before we even set foot on the property so that we know what we are walking into…

  • How many attendees are expected?
  • How large is the space?
  • Is it indoors or outdoors?
  • If it’s outdoors, are there any barriers?
  • What is the seating or standing arrangement?
  • Is there special decor? Centerpieces? Banners?
  • Will there be a stage?
  • Will there be dancing?

These questions tell us so much about the scale of the event and how light will need to be used functionally.  Once we understand how light needs to be used functionally, we get to start to play with how we can use light for show.

If it’s time for you start planning back to school collegiate events, we’re here for you. Click on over and contact us.


Backyard Wedding in Orlando

We don’t always share photos of the weddings we light up, but when we do, it’s a wild transformation.

It’s a common misconception that your outdoor space needs to be beautiful BEFORE you even think about hosting an even there. We love busting that myth over and over again. Like we did this past April, right here in our hometown of Orlando.

This is what we started with:20160224_164545

We added creative vision.

We worked with the couple to capture their style.

We worked with our designers to turn that style into practical elements.

Diagrams were created. A plan was

And the end product was enchanting, if we may say so ourselves.
orlando backyard wedding

Chandelier in tent 2016

orlando backyard wedding

Event Technology Doesn’t Have to be Tricky

Watching the evolution of corporate events is fascinating. Every year the industry outdoes itself with innovation that creates a better experience for attendees and more results for sponsors, exhibitors and speakers.

We attend a lot of events.

A lot.

And while we stick to the lighting world, we are always take note of—and get excited about— how things evolve.

Here’s what we’re seeing a whole lot of this year:

Data. Data. Data.

Collecting data about attendees is easier than ever, as technology provides so many opportunities for attendees to engage digitally— with interactive displays, text message polling and more.

The more companies can learn about their attendees, the more effective the event is. When you can understand the way that your attendees consume content and the way they spend their time and money, you possess the power to design an event with their preferences in mind. (That means they are going to enjoy that event A LOT more.)

Not only does having this data create a great experience for attendees, but it also allows for a more effective sponsorship experience. When you have a deep understanding of who your attendees are, you can choose sponsors that are a perfect match for your attendees. And if sponsors and attendees are happy, they both come back next year.

See how this works?

Digital Content on Mobile Devices

In the wedding industry brides are trying to get guests to put their phones down and enjoy the experience. Meanwhile, in the corporate world, business and event planners are thrilled to be cutting costs and streamlining processes as attendees are more inclined than ever to trade in their pens and papers for digital content. And where laptops were once prevalent on meeting room desks, we are definitely seeing way more tablets and mobile devices on desks and in hands these days.

Live Video

With Periscope and Facebook Live stepping onto the scene, attendees, sponsors and event hosts alike are streaming video LIVE from corporate events.

It’s fun. It’s free marketing and pretty much everyone wins.

But here’s the deal, if you’re going to have everyone streaming live video at your events, you’re going to want to make sure that your event space is shed in the best light—both figuratively AND literally. This just happens to be a piece of technology used best in conjunction with what we do best and we’re pretty excited about that.

3 Types of Lighting Meeting Planners Need to Know About

Meeting planners plan the meetings, we handle the lighting.

Here’s where things get a little tricky — you, as the meeting planner, hold way more power to produce a beautifully lit event, because your clients already trust you and they are looking to you to guide them.

You can certainly give us a call any time to talk you through lighting options for your next meeting. But we thought it would be helpful to recap the three most popular types of lighting for meetings and what they do.

Next time you know your client needs to get lit, you’ll know exactly how to lead the conversation.

If your clients want more focus on the entire stage, they need stage wash.

Stage wash creates even lighting across the entire stage, really creating a distinction between the stage the rest of the room. Want to create even more of a distinction? Dim the overhead lights, sit back and enjoy the stage.

If your client wants to avoid shadows and reflections, they need three point lighting.

Corporate meetings usually come with A LOT of technology, men with big video cameras and flash photography. Three point lighting creates a triangle of light to avoid the reflections and the shadows and all the stuff that gets in the way of beautiful photos and video.

If your clients need to create more ambience, they need uplights & textured lighting.

Uplights give that pipe & drape a whole new look with lots of COLOR. And textured lighting adds dimension to walls, ceiling (and even grass!) This is really the fun stuff, the lighting that transforms the room and turns an event into an experience.


Midsummer Night Wedding Lights

Lighting changes everything.

Sometimes we light up corporate events.

Sometimes we light up swanky networking events.

and sometimes we turn a piece of land into a midsummer night’s dream.

Just add market lights, hanging tree lights & chandeliers.

(Ok, so that’s not ALL that was added, but we’re going to stop writing and let you enjoy the scenery.)






midsummernightwedding6  midsummernightwedding8



Corporate Event Lighting

corporateeventlightingOn the surface, one might think that weddings have all the fun— with their themes and their pretty lights and the freedom that the bride and groom have to design that special day however they want to.

But, let’s not forget about all the fun event planners get to have planning special events over and over and over again.

Sure, corporate meetings can get a little monotonous at times, but where there are corporate meetings, there are opportunities for corporate galas and stunning soirees.

We never get sick of seeing how lighting completely changes a room and over the last 6 years of working with Central Florida’s most esteemed planners, we’ve made a lot of lighting magic happen and we’ve learned a lot of lessons.

One very important lesson being corporate event decor—and lighting— doesn’t have to be boring!

Here’s how we’re bringing the fun to corporate events & meetings all across the state:

We’re seriously loving chandeliers. You can read about just how much we love them for weddings here and here. Turns out, we love them just as much for galas & swanky corporate events. AND, they are so impressive.

Seriously, if you want to style your next corporate event to impress, chandeliers.

We hang Edison structures everywhere they’ll let us.  Hanging Edison structures are the cool kid of the event lighting world. They are so hip, yet so classy.

If you want to style your next corporate event to be posted all over Instagram, hanging Edison structures.

We color all over the walls. You know how adult coloring books are so in right now? Well, coloring all over the walls—with light– is way more interesting and there’s less clean up. Color instantly makes any event more lively.

If you want attendees to stand in awe & wonder, just add color.





Chandelier Design for a Fairy Tale Wedding

A Chandelier Design for your Fairy Tale Wedding!

What says princess more than the perfect wedding dress? Well, this chandelier design for example can. There are a million and one ways we can SAY that lighting completely transforms your wedding. But, sometimes, seeing is believing. And what we see is a design straight out of a fairy tale. Wouldn’t this be a dream to dance under!

Floral Chandelier with 4 Maria Theresa Chandeliers

A perfect collaboration between florist and lighting designer!

Created with the collaboration of a spectacular floral designer, Lana D. Pelham-Falkner of Fairbanks Florist and our lead designer, Byron Gauthier. With a combination of hanging floral elements, intertwined mini lights, and four of our Maria Theresa chandeliers created this 10′ x 10′ creation that sent this design over the top. It’s the beautiful balance of floral and lighting that made this dance floor the focal point of the room, and provide that fairy tale feel as the couple had their first dance.

Floral Chandelier with 4 Maria Theresa Chandeliers 2

With more that 75 chandeliers in our inventory we are sure to have the chandelier(s) you want for your wedding ceremony or reception. Want to know more about your chandelier options and talk about your design ideas? Click here.

Wedding lighting for an indoor event

TRUTH: Most weddings are held indoors.

This is so contrary to what pinterest would lead you to believe, but it actually makes perfect sense.

Indoors you don’t have to worry about mosquitos, sleet, snow, rain or pretty much anything else. You don’t need a contingency plan, the temperature can be adjusted as the room heats up from all that dancing and no one has to worry about stepping in mud.

You would think that when a wedding is indoors, light is less important, because you have build in light. But REALLY, lighting has even more of an impact when it has walls to bounce off of.

When it comes to lighting up your Ballroom or country club wedding reception there are some basics that every wedding needs.

Indoor Wedding Lighting Basics 101 —Uplights

Bokeh Pattern Pattern with Blue Uplights

Uplighting can truly transform an event space when properly done. It takes your event space from drab ballroom to swanky evening hangout. Whether you’ve noticed them or not—any wedding you’ve ever been too that just LOOKED really good, had uplights.

With uplighting comes color; whether it be a neutral color such as amber or a vibrant color. Hot pink, anyone?

So go ahead, turn down the overhead lights and let the decorative lighting shine.

Want to get an idea of just how many uplights you’ll need?

A good rule of thumb to determine the number of uplights is to take the linear feet of the walls of the event space is to take that total number and divide it by 15. This will provide you really good spacing for your uplighting and give you the look that you want. An example would be if you have a ballroom that is 40′ by 90′. Take the sum of those two numbers and multiply that number by 2. that will give you the total linear feet of the reception space (40 + 90 = 130 x 2 = 260/15 = 17.3333 or 18 uplights).

Indoor Wedding Lighting Basics 102 — a Cake Spot

Alfond Inn Cake Light

Once you turn down the overhead lights to let your uplights shine, you’ve got to do some readjusting, primarily in the cake department.

You see, what happens is the cake will either be dark (because the uplights are nowhere near it) OR it will be the same color as the uplights.

And you did not spend money on that beautiful cake so that it could show up as a hot pink cake in the photos, did you?

To prevent the cake from being dark or the color of you uplighting a cake spot is always recommended to make your cake visible and take on that perfect white “glow”.

You can see in the picture above, the cake is taking on some of the color of the uplights, but with the inclusion of a cake spot the side facing the guest is lit up to a level that cuts through the color and provides the perfect light for your cake cutting and pictures.

The reason we recommend a cake spot!


Indoor Wedding Lighting Basics 103 — Add interest

The basics are important, but it’s the not-so-standard stuff— like chandeliers, market lights & edison bulbs— that give your event personality.

You designed this special day to be a celebration of you and your spouse, so it should be a REFLECTION of the two of you as well.

So often we see people wanting “just the basics” and we’re of the school of thought that the basics INCLUDE your style.

It’s time to go exploring on pinterest or instagram or at your local Get Lit Productions offices (see what we did there?) and uncover the style that really lights you up! (Pun intended.)

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