How do you decide what lights to use for a wedding or event?

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Just like with any other company, we all have different areas of specialty here at Get Lit Productions. I’m the writer of the bunch — I make sure that we are connected and communications, on our blog, on Facebook, on Pinterest.

And I have learned a lot about lighting and how revolutionary it is for events in the process of managing our communications.

But sometimes, I need more information. And when I do, our Special Events Coordinator Deanna, is my go to.

This week I sat down with Deanna to get the whole scoop on our customized lighting packages. Customized Package is kind of an oxymoron. But once I talked to Deanna about what our clients need and how we handle it, the way we serve our clients and create amazing lighting for weddings and special events became much clearer.

Here’s what she had to say:


When a Client contacts us about getting an estimate we have a minimum amount of information we need:


Where are they having the event? Outdoors or indoors? Tent or no tent? How big is the space (square feet)?    We need to be sure that we aren’t selling them lights that they don’t need or can’t have based on the venue. Certain venues won’t allow us to anchor anything to the grounds, if we’re inside we need to make sure we have enough weights to keep the lights upright.

SAFETY is our #1 concern.  We want to make sure it looks amazing and that no one will be hurt because we just threw up lights without planning it out.  We also want to make sure that we are giving them enough light to light the space well. Each venue is different and has different measurements and challenges.

If you don’t get someone that does custom orders like us, you run into the problem of there either not being enough light so people can’t see (or it just looks terrible) or there’s something that they don’t think about that causes problems. For example, not enough power outlets, or too many lighting elements on a socket and it blows the fuse… you can imagine the issues that would cause.

What THEY want the FEEL of their event to be: 

All of our clients have a set image in their mind of what they want it to look like.  Lighting is the best way to achieve the mood desired.

Do they want Fairytale? Then we go with brighter, richer colors, probably some crystal chandeliers, textures, unique lights that will give the ambiance an other-worldly feel. 

Do they want Rustic romantic? Then Market lights, Edison Bulb structures, Maybe Candles or Lanterns hanging from trees or the ceiling. 

If they also want chandeliers, then there are some wrought iron and crystal chandeliers or glass ones that would fit.  The clients tell us the theme and the vision they have in their mind and we tell them how we can achieve it.

We usually send them example photos from past events that are similar or have the lighting elements we suggest so that way they get an idea in their mind of how it will look.  We discuss colors, how many tables will be there, buffet or plate service, floral centerpieces or other, and every other little detail.

Once we have a visual in our minds of what our clients want then we put together a quote with every element that they would need to make their dream a reality. 

From there we tweak the design (take something away here, add this there….) Until we can achieve the look they want but still in a budget that works for them.

She makes it all seem so simple, right?

Because it is—if you work with her!

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