Event Technology Doesn’t Have to be Tricky

Watching the evolution of corporate events is fascinating. Every year the industry outdoes itself with innovation that creates a better experience for attendees and more results for sponsors, exhibitors and speakers.

We attend a lot of events.

A lot.

And while we stick to the lighting world, we are always take note of—and get excited about— how things evolve.

Here’s what we’re seeing a whole lot of this year:

Data. Data. Data.

Collecting data about attendees is easier than ever, as technology provides so many opportunities for attendees to engage digitally— with interactive displays, text message polling and more.

The more companies can learn about their attendees, the more effective the event is. When you can understand the way that your attendees consume content and the way they spend their time and money, you possess the power to design an event with their preferences in mind. (That means they are going to enjoy that event A LOT more.)

Not only does having this data create a great experience for attendees, but it also allows for a more effective sponsorship experience. When you have a deep understanding of who your attendees are, you can choose sponsors that are a perfect match for your attendees. And if sponsors and attendees are happy, they both come back next year.

See how this works?

Digital Content on Mobile Devices

In the wedding industry brides are trying to get guests to put their phones down and enjoy the experience. Meanwhile, in the corporate world, business and event planners are thrilled to be cutting costs and streamlining processes as attendees are more inclined than ever to trade in their pens and papers for digital content. And where laptops were once prevalent on meeting room desks, we are definitely seeing way more tablets and mobile devices on desks and in hands these days.

Live Video

With Periscope and Facebook Live stepping onto the scene, attendees, sponsors and event hosts alike are streaming video LIVE from corporate events.

It’s fun. It’s free marketing and pretty much everyone wins.

But here’s the deal, if you’re going to have everyone streaming live video at your events, you’re going to want to make sure that your event space is shed in the best light—both figuratively AND literally. This just happens to be a piece of technology used best in conjunction with what we do best and we’re pretty excited about that.

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