Wedding Monogram

Wedding Monogram

Your Wedding Monogram or “Name in Lights” is projected with the use of a special, focus-able light fixtures and a small round disc called a GOBO. Wedding Monogram’s can be projected on a dance floor, a wall or any other surface that lends well to having a readable/viewable image. GOBO’s are placed inside the light fixture and come in either a printed transparency (LED Light only), steel disc, or glass disc depending on the fixture used.

Wedding Monogram Projection

Wedding Monogram Projections


wedding monogram projection lightsWhile there are various light fixtures that can do the job, our theater style fixtures called Leko’s have been the best option when it comes to projecting Monogram’s especially from long distances from 50′ to 100′. These fixtures have hi-powered bulbs (575 watts or 750 watt typically) with lens sizes that can be changed to allow the image size to be adjusted based on the throw distance (distance from light to projection surface) and size of the image. They also produce a sharp, bright image.

The other style of fixture we offer are LED Monogram lights, but the use of these lights depend mostly on the size of the venue. These lights have a limited +/- zoom capability for adjustable image size, but shorter throw distances because of the limited adjustment of the fixture and brightness of the LED lamp. Our LED Monogram lights have a usable distance of 15′ to 40′ depending on the size of the projection surface.


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